I believe that every individual has a unique gift, talent, skill, or experience they can use to help others in their journeys.

Hey there, I’m Demelza Marie, a video coach for you, an online course creator, wanting to increase the quality of your video lessons in order to boost the credibility of your content/message and stand out in the marketplace.

Do you have dreams of making an impact on the world - that you have a purpose bigger than your 9-5 and ‘just’ cruising along in ‘comfortable mode’?

Me too.

I believe God has a purpose for my life and, since I was little, has been using various situations and circumstances to mould me into the person I am today.

Award-Winning Artist Leaving the UK for the USA

I had always been into art - drawing and painting animals mostly!  But when I was a teen, I was exposed to the world of making videos - and I loved it.

After winning a couple of European and international competitions for my art and videos, I left England to attend Bob Jones University to study film, video and photography.

I remember those lessons when everything seemed overwhelming in terms of things I needed to learn about the camera, lighting, sound and editing.

So I can identify with how you’re feeling when it comes to producing an online course using video but not having any video experience.

From Film Degree to Travel Throughout Europe

I graduated in 2005 with a desire to use my new skills to help missionaries. So I joined a mission board as their videographer and set about trying to raise funds while going ahead and doing various video projects for the agency, my church, and other promotional opportunities in the meantime.

I moved back to the UK in 2008, after 7yrs in South Carolina. My intention was to still do the video work for the mission board while also helping with a church plant. Unfortunately, the church plant didn’t happen and I wasn’t able to raise enough funds to sustain the mission work.

Before I left the mission, however, I had the opportunity to teach photography workshops to missionaries on furlough and record a video that meant travelling to most of the countries in Western Europe. It took several weeks and was an intense but amazing experience.

Since then, I got married and did some more freelance promotional style videos and taught a couple of video workshops at a university.

Until I Became Too Sick

I have an underlying health condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome with a secondary resulting condition of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. This basically boils down to the automatic functions of my body not always working as they should and experiencing a lot of joint pain and fatigue.

When I turned 30, it was as if I had turned 90 instead.  I couldn’t commit to things due to the unstable nature of my health, I was virtually house-bound and had to lie down much of the time because I felt better and could do more lying down than when I was standing.

This spurred me on to find something I could do from home. We hosted foreign students and I taught English online for a while but that wasn’t something that inspired me.

I came across online courses as a model for learning online as I took some courses myself and, eventually the penny dropped.


Fulfilling Dreams

I enjoy teaching (having taught in various circumstances over the years). I enjoy video production. I want to help others and there are people wanting to produce online courses that don’t know how to use video. Voila!

Thankfully I came across a protocol to help with my health condition (traditional meds had made me feel worse with side effects). I got well enough to have my son (a dream I’d almost given up on) and well enough to lead life pretty normally for the most part.

This has made it much easier for me to pursue my desire to help others, like yourself, produce higher quality videos for your courses so you can pursue your own goals.

It also means I can stay home with my son, not miss out on his milestones as he grows, as well as have time to be involved in media ministry.

So Why Choose Me to Help You with the Video for Your Online Course?

As an online course creator, you’ve got a lot on your plate so I know you need to choose wisely.

So here’s why you might want to choose me to help you:

  • I have a bachelors degree in film and video production with a minor in photography
  • I have worked on film sets as well as had 20yrs experience producing videos of various kinds
  • I have an entrepreneurial background - I know the challenges
  • I have taken many courses myself to learn how things work with creating online courses and marketing. This means I can see the big picture when it comes to creating your course.
  • I want you to succeed - I love teaching and seeing someone else get where they want to go as a result of my help. I would do it for free if I didn’t have bills to pay!
  • I lead with value first - you can find numerous videos on my YouTube channel that will give you some quick wins right away

Let's Take the First Step

~ A Few Fun Facts About Me ~

I have a film degree & I'm on IMDB

I enjoy drawing and painting (won competitions in the past)

Ballroom & Latin Dancer (plus Swing, Ceroc and more)

Musician (Voice & Percussion)

Used to teach fitness classes

I'm interested in natural health & lifestyle

I love travel & adventure (esp. beaches, mountains, & lakes)

I love to learn

My faith in Christ is everything to me