Your audience CAN create quality course lessons using video and it can be fun!

Hey there, I’m Demelza Marie, a video coach for online course creators wanting to increase the quality of their video lessons in order to boost the credibility of their content and message to stand out in the marketplace.

Many wannabe course creators lack confidence when it comes to producing their course lessons - feeling awkward on camera and intimidated by the tech.

Having won European and International competitions with video and gaining a bachelors degree in film & video production, plus over 15 years experience, video is something I know a little about 😉

More About Demelza

Your Audience Feels Intimidated by Video

Your audience, many of whom are course creators, likely feel intimidated when it comes to video. It’s all very well taking some family video shots on your phone and doing some social media but when it comes to creating an online course with video, they feel a need to level up.

They want their content to be perceived as credible and not have the amateur-looking production value of their lessons be a potential cause of doubt that the content is up to scratch.

They also want their course to stand out among their peers and know that the use of video, in the first place, plus the video production quality plays an aspect in that.

Video is Becoming More Expected

According to Hubspot, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

As each year passes, video is going to become more and more expected from students in what they expect from a course.

Students want that visual connection with their teacher and mentor and this is especially important for those in the creative and trade space where demonstrating what you’re teaching is so important.

I Want to Help

I believe I can help your audience of course creators have more confidence when it comes to using video to produce their lessons.  If you'd like me to share my insights on your platform, please contact me to arrange a call.


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Speaking Topics

  • The value in knowing how to use video to produce your course as well as for social media, content creation, and marketing 
  • Who is the right fit for a video-based course 
  • How to produce a video course in under $200 dollars using your iPhone
  • How to feel more confident on camera
  • What’s more important than the camera in getting a good quality image
  • The video production process from start to finish
  • Why you’re NOT afraid of speaking to the camera
  • Common video mistakes that can be easily fixed 
  • The LACEY video framework
  • My journey into course creation as a result of health challenges and being too unwell to 'work'
  • I can also tailor a talk/conversation specifically for your audience

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